Want to start a career with crystal clear progression, jaw dropping incentives and eye watering earnings? SD Solutions is searching for young, money-hungry, and enthusiastic salespeople to join our thriving recruitment agency. Recruitment can be tough; it takes persistence, grit and a competitive nature to succeed. If you’re a hard worker, a quick learner and clear communicator, this could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for. We would offer 1-2-1 coaching with our Managing Director & Senior Manager. You’ll discover what it’s like to run your own desk in an industry that’s BOOMING! What’s more, you’ll go through an 8-week intensive training course, to ensure you’re up to speed with how to bill big

The ideal candidate: Junior Recruitment Consultant

  • 6 months experience working in a sales environment; estate agents, business development, call centre sales, etc
  • Interpersonal and verbal communication skills; you will be pitching to clients and headhunting
  • Excellent listening skills: you will need to take on advice and prove that you are coachable
  • A competitive and target driven personality; someone who will not take 2nd place as an option
  • Confidence and self-motivation; you can experience many failures before the successes
  • Time management and organisation; recruitment will require you to run your own desk as your own business
  • Money hungry, ambitious, and determined to succeed; the potential is enormous, but it takes somebody with a real drive to push past the hard times.

Why Should You Apply?

  • Earnings that don’t discriminate against age OTE of £55,000 within your first year.
  • 25 days holiday with a bonus two weeks off over the Christmas period
  • Incredible incentives from luxury day events to luxury holidays