The top 10 things candidates want from a new job- Rec Grapevine

With candidate shortages impacting the number of successful staff appointments, recruiters will have to be savvier to get the best talent available for their clients.

A recent Recruitment and Employment Confederation/IHS Markit study found that candidate availability fell at a sharper rate in the second quarter of this year – putting pressure on those who work in hiring and employers too.

Therefore, it begs to be asked what can recruiters and employers do to ensure that they’re appealing to the right kind of candidate?

According to a new report by Hays, titled What Workers Want, based on the replies of over 14,000 workers, there are many things that can attract candidates to a firm.

Whilst most candidates want to work for an employer that has a reputable employer brand (68% of those surveyed) and one that will buy into their personal development (81%) there are some other crucial things that employers can do.

It’s up to recruiters to know the marketplace and advise them on what appeals to candidates.