Annual Report- REC

The REC is a vibrant and growing organisation. We have been championing the UK recruitment industry for 86 years, and speak on behalf of the whole industry, not just an isolated part of our profession.


Recruiters make a difference to people’s lives: we help businesses get the skills and talent they need and we make our jobs market work. If we have compliant professional businesses in REC membership it strengthens our voice and enables us to talk with more authority and credibility.


In 2017, the REC fought in recruitment’s corner on GDPR, on taxation policy, immigration, procurement, skill shortages and the post-Brexit landscape for employment.

“2017 has proven that we are a strong organisation well-equipped to meet challenges and lead the industry into the future.”

Chris Moore

Chairman, Recruitment & Employment Confederation

We are the voice of recruitment

Everything within the REC’s work programme is geared towards improving its membership services, enhancing the professionalism of the UK recruitment industry, making sure employers are aware of the benefits of work with REC members and delivering a surplus back into the REC’s reserves, that can be reinvested back into member services and the UK recruitment industry.

  • Growing industry

    The total industry UK turnover in 2016/17 (Recruitment Industry Trends)

  • Best for events

    More than 2,500 recruiters attended REC events in 2017

  • Unmatched engagement

    More than 68,260 minutes of member engagement

  • The sound of leadership

    25,000 total downloads of the REC Scale Up Podcast

Unmatched knowledge and legal expertise

The REC continued to lead the way in learning, qualifications and legal advice.

  • Making recruitment a career of choice

    More than 10,000 members of the IRP

  • Best for learning

    137 open and in-company learning courses delivered in 2017

  • Source of recruitment knowledge

    More than 41,000 views of the REC blog

  • Top legal advice

    Almost 40,000 incoming queries to our Legal Helpline and Customer Contact Centre

Ensuring our members are heard

The voice of our members is heard everywhere, from Downing Street to the national news media.

  • Recruitment’s uniting voice

    More than 600 members actively involved in policy work

  • Leading on policy

    The REC had two meetings at Number 10 Downing Street in 2017

  • In the public eye

    More than 700 appearances in national newspapers or recruitment/HR titles

  • The face of the industry

    We took 34 meetings with government ministers, MPs, and government departments