The interview question 33,000 Brits ask the internet for help with each month- Rec Grapevine

The interview question 33,000 Brits ask the internet for help with each month

There are several interview questions that throw candidates off focus.  

For example, ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’ can send folk – particularly those unaware of what they’re doing the next day, let alone yearly – into a tizzy, whilst curveball questions like ‘what animal does your working style relate to most?’ might result in a long, drawn out awkward silence.

However, there’s one question which seems to have candidates scratching their heads: ‘Tell me about yourself.’

Aaron Wallis Sales Recruitment found that on average over 33,000 people in the UK search online each month for answers or guidance on answering the question.

Robert Scott, Managing Director of Aaron Wallis said: “Often the simple questions can be the ones which are the most unnerving if you haven’t considered what you might say. Generally it can be a good idea to plan out the interview in your head from the very start to the very finish. It’s never a bad thing to be overprepared.”

With this in mind, the agency put their heads together and collated a series of hints and tips.

Be prepared

As ‘tell me about yourself’ is such a common interview question, the team at Aaron Wallis believe that practice makes perfect. “There’s nothing silly about writing down your answer and saying it in front of the mirror, or practicing your answer with someone you know,” their advice reads.

“Whilst it can be good to have a rehearsed answer, it’s also worth bearing in mind that you don’t want to sound like you’re reciting it from memory. Be prepared to appear confident but natural.”

Structure your answer

As with any interview question, it’s important to stay on the point and refrain from derailing the focus too much.

“Begin by outlining your current or most recent role and describing the skills or attributes that you bring or brought to the position, ensuring these will be relevant to the job you’re going for,” the team advise. “Finish up by saying while you’ve enjoyed your work, you’re excited for the fresh challenge this new opportunity brings, and why.”